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Protecting Your Tablet From Your Kids: 5 Important Tips For Parents

by Eva Gilbert

Tablet computer ownership in the United States increased from 3 percent of adults in 2010 to 34 percent by 2013. What's more, 70 percent of children in households with a tablet computer use these wireless devices. That aside, tablet computers are expensive toys, and when things go wrong, parents can face costly repair and data recovery bills. If your child regularly uses your tablet computer, learn how you can protect the device with these useful tips and tricks.

Invest in a robust case

Small fingers can easily lose their grip on a sleek tablet computer, but even a relatively minor bump can crack the glass screen. Analysis shows that 20 percent of tablet owners damage their screen within two years of ownership. Screen protectors can extend the life of your tablet by offering a durable layer that can resist scratches, cracks and bumps. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when applying these film layers, or you'll just end up trapping dust and dirt underneath the protector.

A robust tablet case is also essential if your children plan to use the device. Some cases cater more for adults, with features that focus more on usability than protection, but parents should invest in a chunky, durable case that can withstand drops and bumps. The good news is that many of these case designs will appeal enormously to kids, with futuristic features and strong, tactile design elements that convince children they're in a sci-fi movie.

Get battery smart

You can't change the battery in most tablet computers, so it's important to extend the life as far as possible. Kids don't normally think about these things, so parents must educate them. Crucially, device manufacturers don't recommend that you fully charge the battery, so always aim to keep the battery at around 50 percent capacity. Show kids how to turn the device off when they have finished, so you can then charge the computer in the right way.

It's also important to store the device in a cool, moisture-free place in the home, below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not something kids will automatically think about. Appoint a storage place for the tablet in your home, and warn the kids that if they don't return it there when they have finished, they won't get to use the device again. They'll soon learn!

Regularly back up your data

Kids have a habit of doing 'strange' things with computers that ultimately result in data loss. If you don't want the children to delete important files from your tablet, make sure you regularly back up the device. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to find out how to do this, and consider synchronizing your data with a cloud storage service. Even if you're only protecting precious family photos, it's good to have the reassurance that you won't suffer from a mischievous figure tapping the delete button.

Install parental controls

Manufacturers design tablet computers so that anyone can pretty much pick up the device and get surfing, but that design also makes it easy for kids to run amok. For example, in the UK, one girl managed to rack up a bill of more than $6,000 by playing 'free' applications on her father's iPad. The good news is that most devices now offer settings to help avoid this.

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for more advice, but look for features that help you:

  • Restrict unwanted app downloads
  • Put a password or PIN on the device if users want to change the settings
  • Switch off in-app purchases
  • Lock down Internet browsers where kids can find inappropriate content
  • Put age restrictions on music and movies

Set usage boundaries

It's also important to set boundaries with your kids. Make it clear that you're happy for them to use the device, but you expect them only to use the games and applications you approve. You should also put rules in place about when they can and can't use the device.

Experts are increasingly concerned that excessive computer use can harm your children. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine concluded that tablet computers could stunt kids' emotional development because they make it harder for children to control their emotions. In fact, lawmakers in Taiwan recently introduced a law change that means parents have to control the time their kids spend on a computer.

Legislation is not necessarily the answer, but parents should still pay close attention to the time their kids' spend using tablet computers. For example, make a point of enjoying applications together, as this can help youngsters have fun and learn new things while spending quality time with their parents.

Tablet computers have changed the way people access the Internet, and statistics show that kids love these new devices. That aside, parents must take extra precautions to make sure their kids and their computers don't harm one another.

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