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Tired Of Smashed Screens And Broken Technology? Three Services That Can Help

by Eva Gilbert

When you order tablets and laptops, you expect them to be shipped with care. As security footage has shown in recent years, not all delivery people are careful with your packages. It becomes a veritable nightmare when you receive an item that you ordered as a gift for someone and the screen is smashed or some other component is defective. If you are tired of the post office delivering less-than-satisfactory items to your doorstep, you need a courier that can provide better services.

Overnight It

The problem with standard shipping is that your technological devices will be passed through several shipping hubs before arriving on your doorstep. This means there are several opportunities for your item to be loaded and unloaded from trucks, planes, and even boats if your items are coming from another country. While it may be a little more expensive, technology shippers recommend overnighting it such that your item is on a non-stop flight or truck ride directly to you. There is very little time or room for your items to be jostled, tossed, dropped, or otherwise shaken up, and that means your items arrive intact.

Custom Shipping Containers and Premium Shipping

Premium shipping or custom shipping containers are two means of shipping extremely fragile items long distances. If a customer requests premium shipping or custom shipping from the company he or she buys the technology product from, then the customer can expect to receive his or her items wrapped heavily in bubblewrap, custom foam stabilization inserts, and styrofoam. A courier that ships your items in all three packaging is ensuring that there is no way your item can be damaged during shipping, even if the box is dropped on its edge.

Couriers Who Ship ONLY Technological Devices

This is, by far, the best option for shipping your technological devices. A courier service that ONLY ships technological devices has employees who are very aware of the fragility of the shipments and who pay very close attention to every package they ship. They are exceedingly careful with the handling of your packages, because they know that every package they ship has something of value in it. Unlike the post office or other shipping services that ship items of all material types and goods of varying durability, a technology courier knows exactly what is in every package and treats them with great care. Talk to a courier professional for more information.