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Prevent Untimely TV Issues And Extend Its Life With These Three Tips

by Eva Gilbert

The last thing you want to endure is a TV that breaks down, especially if you rely on this electronic device for a significant percentage of your spare time. It's ideal to find a TV repair service that can repair your make and model. Given that the technician might need to order parts that take several days to arrive, the reality is that you could be looking at a stretch of time without your TV. While you can't avoid this problem, you can take steps to limit the risk of a future TV breakdown that inconveniences you. Here are three ways that you can extend the life of your TV.

Dust It Regularly

TVs often attract dust quickly, but this issue can be more than simply a visual concern. When a TV gets covered in dust, its vents can get blocked. This blockage can prevent the heat that builds up inside the TV from escaping to keep the unit cool, and you could soon be facing a TV that fails because of an overheating issue. There's no set frequency you should adopt for vacuuming the TV -- whenever you see that it's dusty, put a brush attachment on your vacuum and carefully remove the dust. It's a good practice to take a look at the TV, including the rear, every time you have the vacuum out. This simple task can prevent a premature breakdown.

Lower The Backlight

Many TVs need to visit the repair shop because of their backlight burning out. While this light, like any bulb, has a finite lifespan, you can reduce the risk of premature burnout by lowering the level of the light. Check your TV manual and use your remote control and bring up the "Menu" screen. Here, you'll be able to find an option that allows you to lower the brightness of the backlight to a desired level that suits the light in the room and how you wish the TV's image to appear.

Keep Your Hands Off The Screen

While you probably won't be tempted to touch your TV screen, make sure your children are aware of this rule. Pressure on the screen can cause a portion of it to burn out, which means you'll be looking at a major repair job. When it comes time to clean the screen, follow the instructions in your TV manual to remove any dust or other debris without applying significant pressure.