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Starting Up a Business? Why You Should Choose a VoIP Phone System

by Eva Gilbert

If you are starting up a new business, you have to choose what type of phone system you want. A VoIP phone system would work out well for you. To get started using a VoIP service, you will need to find a VoIP service provider who will provide you with the proper software. Below is some more information about this type of phone system as well as some reasons why you should choose it. 

VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System (voice over IP), converts the audio of a traditional phone system into a digital format and then transmits the audio over the Internet. You and your employees can use the VoIP technology without having to use a computer. You still do have to have an Internet connection, however, such as one that is through Wi-Fi.

To set up this type of phone system, you simply plug the IP phone into a LAN port. Once connected, the IP phone automatically registers to the VoIP phone system.

No matter where you plug in your phone, such as at your desk or another location, you will keep your same phone number.

As you can see, this type of phone system is very easy to set up, and you could easily do the setup yourself.

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

A VoIP telephone system is a great alternative to a landline phone system, and VoIP systems offer many benefits, including those listed below.

Easy-to-Add Phones

Because you will not know how much your business will grow, you will not know how many more phones you will need in the future, if any. With a VoIP phone system, it is very easy to add new phones. As soon as you hire a new employee, you can immediately add a line. If an employee leaves, you can remove or reassign the phone very easily. How you do this depends on the service provider you choose.

Many Available Features 

You will have many features to choose from with a VoIP phone system, such as features for auto-attending phone menus, find me/follow me capabilities, call transfer, call hold, conference calling, and call hunt.

Better Quality

VoIP services offer better quality as well as reliability. In the past, Internet connections could not be relied on, but with all the new technology that has come out over the years, that has changed. You can call a client overseas and not have to worry about echoes, crackling, dropped calls, or any other problems. Voices are also really clear with a VoIP system.

Service providers such as Dalton Utilities can give you much more information about telephone services and help you decide what kind of phone system is right for your business.