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Scanner Maintenance Tips

by Eva Gilbert

The office scanner may compete with the copier as most important piece of communal office equipment because a scanner makes quick work of scanning and uploading documents for digital access, future printing, or copying. Some scanners can even serve multiple functions if they have a built-in fax machine. Properly maintaining an office scanner is a must to ensure continued useful service. The following tips can help.

Clean the glass daily

Dirty glass is the most common reason for poor scanner quality. Even small fingerprints or pieces of dust can lead to unattractive spots and smudges on the scanned image. An alcohol-based glass or lens cleaner works well for removing all spots without leaving behind any streaks. Apply the cleaner to a lint-free cloth reserved specifically for this use, then wipe down the scanner glass quickly before the cleaner evaporates from the cloth. Repeat until the glass is perfectly clean. This should be done at the end of each business day, as well as throughout the day as needed.

Remove dust from inside the glass

Sometimes dust will build up on the inside of the glass due to the static inside the machine. This is especially true if your scanner has an integrated printer or scan feeder, since paper dust can be an issue. Open the scanner top as indicated for your model (usually the top will lift for access). Then, use your glass cleaner to carefully wipe down the inside of the glass, taking care not to get alcohol on any other parts inside the scanner. You can then wipe down the glass with an anti-static pad to cut down on dust buildup. This task is required daily in heavily used scanners or as needed for those that are only lightly utilized.

Check the feeder assembly

If your scanner feeds paper through for printing or scanning, then you need to make sure the rollers are working properly. With the scanner open, check for any unnecessary paper dust or torn pieces of paper in the rollers. Remove these by hand or blow them out carefully with canned air. Wipe down the entire roller with a static-free cloth to remove any remaining paper residue. This only needs done weekly or if the scanner begins to experience paper jamming.

If your scanner is experiencing other problems, contact a scanner and copier supplier for more help in properly maintaining this necessary piece of office equipment.