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Iphone Charging And Battery Life Extension Tips For New And Experienced Users

by Eva Gilbert

Today, cell phones are an essential tool for everyday life. In fact, Wikipedia claims that there are 327,577,529 cells phones in use in the United States as of April 2014. What makes this statistic interesting is that the source also states that the USA has a population of only 317,874,628 in that same month. That means that there are many people who now have more than one cell phone in use at one time. Cell phones are used so much, battery life is now an important aspect to consider when choosing the right phone for you. Since today's iPhone owners often fall short of a full-day's charge, here are a few tips that will help both new and experienced users get the most out of their cell phone battery charge.

1. Plug the charger in correctly

Whether you are using a wall power outlet, a computer, or a charging station, the order in which you plug your iPhone in can make a difference. First, plug the charger cord into the bottom of your iPhone, then plug the other end of the cord into one of these devices:

  • Wall Outlet - Plug the charging cable into the USB wall adapter, and then charge the wall adapter to the electrical wall outlet of your choice.
  • Power Accessory - Plug the charging cable into the docking station, USB hub, or any other Apple-certified charging accessory.
  • Computer – Plug the charging cable into a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port on your computer. The computer must be powered on—not in sleep mode. If the computer is not on, the iPhone battery will continue to drain.

2. Always update to the newest iOS software

With every new iOS software update, there is a good chance there will be an enhancement to the energy-saving technology that will extend the life of the battery. To see if there is an update for your iPhone, simply go to Settings, press on General, and then press Software Update. If you have the most recent iOS installed, it will tell you. If you need an update, your phone will ask if you want to launch the update.

3. Remove the case

Some iPhone cases cause the phone to generate excess heat. And others may also cause the phone to then retain this extra heat. All this heat will affect the battery's capacity. This means the battery will not charge fully. If you have a case that covers both the front and the back of the phone, then take it out of that case when you charge it.

4. Routinely clear the area around the docking station or charging port

If you use a docking station or charging port, pick it up every few days and brush off any debris that may be stuck to the bottom or around the edge. Then double-check that the charging cable is firmly plugged in. It's also wise to brush off the bottom of your phone before you place it on a charging station or port. Any debris in these areas can prevent your iPhone from charging properly.

5. Adjust the screen brightness

Go to Settings, then Display & Brightness, and view what the current setting is. If not activated, set Auto-Brightness to ON. This means your phone's sensors will be used to automatically set the screen brightness in order to preserve and extend battery life.

6. Use Low Power Mode

Rolled out with iOS 9, you can switch to Low Power Mode to extend the life of your iPhone battery. When the power gets down to 20% and then again at 10%, a message will appear asking if you want to switch to Low Power Mode. Simply tap yes to turn it on. If you want to turn this on at any other time, simply go to Settings, then tap on Battery. Find Low Power Mode and activate it. When your phone is charged up again, Low Power Mode automatically turns off.

Low Power Mode does several things, including:

  • Minimizes system animations
  • Reduces display brightness
  • Disables iCloud sync
  • Disables AirDrop

These are a few tips to help you properly charge your iPhone and extend the battery's life. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Apple, visit your local Apple store, or talk to a phone charging station expert. All these people will be happy to help you.