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Choosing Staffing Software For Your Temp Agency

by Eva Gilbert

As you probably know, running a temporary staffing agency can be complicated because of all the clients and prospective matches you deal with everyday. Staffing software is available to streamline some of your tasks in a way that makes things easier for employees and effective for temporary workers and clients; however, it is not always easy to pick a particular platform among the many offered. With the pointers below, though, you can better focus on certain aspects which will guide you toward an appropriate decision.

Make a List

You might have heard that other temp agencies use a particular software platform or know that certain software has been lauded by industry organizations, but in order to make a smart choice for your company, you'll need to be sure it will meet your specific requirements. For example, you might want to give your clients a password to browse resumes that might appeal to them. You may need to have software that helps you track health insurance premiums and special location or hours requests. Don't assume that you'll remember everything you need when you start looking at the list of features a particular software platform offers; make a list beforehand.

Look for Adequate Training

There are some staffing software solutions that work in the same way as other software you might buy; after your purchase, you need to sit down and learn to use it on your own. However, it's worthwhile to seek out software platforms that offer access to their own experts so you and others can learn more quickly. Some software platforms provide multiple ways to ensure that your team is trained to fully use and benefit from the software. In-person training, online training for new and remote workers and self-paced learning modules can give your company a deeper understanding of how to make your company run more effectively with the software.  A company that will work with you to implement their software, such as Sixcel, is worth taking a second look at.

Actively Use the Demo or Free Trial

Above all, you and some of your staff members should spend some time working with the free trial or demo of the software you're about to buy. Even if the software is great, you might find that certain features are just not necessary or that lack of integration with other programs you use would be an ongoing source of frustration. Being able to spend some time with the software before you buy it can often help you make the ultimate choice.

With these pointers, selecting quality software for your staffing agency can be a more satisfying undertaking. Working with managers on your own team and talking to peers in the industry and software vendors will help you make a good choice.