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3 Services Your New IT Management Company Should Offer

by Eva Gilbert

Looking for a new IT management company to manage your business network? While there are many options out there to choose from, they aren't all created equal. Here are three important services the IT management company you decide to hire should offer:

Cyber Security

One of the most important services your new IT management company should be able to do for you is take care of all your cyber security needs. They should monitor your networks and servers 24 hours a day and have the capacity to resolve issues as soon as they're identified. Your spam and spyware software should also be monitored, managed, and updated on a daily basis if necessary.

And your service provider should be willing to host your company's email accounts on encrypted servers. Ask each prospective IT management company you consider working with to provide you with a full list of cyber security services they offer in writing. You can then take the time to compare each list and determine which company is likely to provide you with the most comprehensive protection.

Network Redesigns

As your business grows, there's a big possibility that your cyber network will need to be redesigned to accommodate the ongoing changes that are made within your business operations. So, it's a good idea to make sure that your new IT management company is willing to redesign your business network as needed. Some companies may include a specific number of redesigns in their overall service fees, while others charge an extra fee for each redesign you request. Keep these fees in mind when choosing your IT management company so you can gauge how much you'll end up paying long-term for one or two network redesigns a year and factor that amount into your overall budget.

Staff Augmentation

Whether due to the potential of risking a tight project deadline or an influx in network operations, there may be times when your business needs access to experienced and qualified IT professionals that can augment your onsite IT staff temporarily. A quality IT management company will provide you with the temporary IT staff you need to accomplish your various time sensitive projects. Look for a company to work with that offers access to customized staffing options so you can build your own personal team based on your specific needs and preferences.

These service offerings should be fully investigated when consulting with various prospective business IT management companies. Make a list of specific questions you have about each service so nothing important is overlooked.