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How To Use Contact Tracing Badges

by Eva Gilbert

Contact tracing badges can be clipped to clothing or attached to lanyards. These badges will record information about your employees movements and provide a gentle reminder when people are standing close together. The badges will help your employees practice safe social distancing measures and will help you pinpoint when a worker may need to self-quarantine.

Embedded Sensors That Relay Information To A Dashboard

A contact tracing badge is lightweight and resembles a name tag or keycard. Each badge contains embedded sensors that collect data. This data is sent to a dashboard, where a manager or business owner can access the information. Products are battery-operated.

A battery may last for a couple of months prior to needing recharging. If you already employ an identification system that requires your workers to wear a tag on their uniform or clothing, the introduction of this type of device won't be any different.

To further assist your clients with not losing their badges, you can either assign each worker to wear a lanyard that has their badge clipped to it or you can require your employees to turn their badges in at night, prior to exiting the premises.

A Way To Enforce Safety Measures

Contact tracing badges will encourage your employees to work at a safe distance from one another. Equipment that contains a built-in lighting or vibration system will be activated when two or more people come into close contact with one another. This alert will likely result in the people immediately separating.

To avoid needing to continuously deal with a light or vibration alert, people may make a large effort to continue following the distancing guidelines that you are mandating within your business. Because you have no control over what your employees do when they are not actively working, there is the risk that one or more employees will receive a COVID-19 diagnosis. When this occurs, the individual will be required to recuperate at home.

If you have made it clear that any positive tests need to be reported to you, you will be able to use the data collected through the contract tracing software, to determine who was working near the infected person. People do not need to actively be exhibiting signs of sickness, in order to be infected with COVID-19. After assessing the information that you have collected at your place of business, you can reach out to those who may be in danger of becoming infected and recommend that they self-quarantine.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for wearable contact tracing devices for corporations, such as VOS Systems.